Watching the GOP Debate – Now Live Blogging – Update – Herman Cain Wins!


I’ll be back soon. I’m watching the first GOP primary debate. Herman Cain is a big fan of the fair tax. Tim Pawlenty slammed the NLRB.  You can watch it live here.

Vodkapundit is live blogging.

Okay, the kids are in bed. Now I can live blog.

Cain thinks Arizona was right in passing the immigration law!

Rick Santorum’s dad didn’t teach him Italian because the English language is the language of our country. Slammed Obama for playing political games with Hispanics.

Gary Johnson is a big fan of immigration, wants it to be easy to get a work visa. Immigration needs to be about work, not welfare. The government is the reason the illegals are here. Set up grace period. (Amnesty?) No border protection.

Cain on foreign policy – what’s the objective? Is there a plan for victory? How does it related to US national security? We don’t have that now, too many inconsistencies. He started out supporting Libyan leader, then changed his mind.

Pawlenty – Gaddafi has American blood on his hands… Reagan tried to kill him. “I called for no fly zone on March 7.” Obama waited too long. .. Put US in untenable situation.

Santorum on Pakistan: “We’ve tolerated a lot of bad behavior.” “Are you with us or against us.” Side with us or deliver ultimatum. Said he’s not talking about cutting off aid, but engaging Pakistan. If they want the dough, they better deliver.

Paul: Israel shouldn’t ask us permission or be dependent on us. No foreign aide to anyone. They should do as they please.

Gary Johnson on Trump’s tariff plan: Does not favor, likes the free market. Simple answer.

Now a commercial.

Phillies are winning 7-3 over the Nationals. Go Phillies!

Oops. Distracted. Now comes the social issues.

Ron Paul has been married for a long time. Keep the government out of it. If the government must insert itself, leave it to the states. But defends the Defense of Marriage Act, in absentia.

Herman Cain: The Defense of Marriage Act is one of the laws of the land. Obama did not uphold his oath of office because he refused to uphold the law.

Gary Johnson – supports abortion up until fetus is viable. Favors parental notice and is against late term abortion.

Pawlenty on stem cells – Supports it, but thinks it should be adult derived. Promising treatments come from adult stem cells. Notes Bush allowed research existing embryonic stem cells, agrees.

Santorum on truce on social issues: No way, no how! That’s not what America is all about. Cites Declaration of Independence. Nice response. Family not government, believe in life.

Juan Williams is now asking questions about unions. Yikes! Can’t wait for responses.

Cain: The NLRB’s attack on Boeing is outrageous. Government should not pick winners and losers! Upsets the free market system, too much government intervention. Government does not create jobs, get government out of the way, including telling a company where they can build a new plant.

Paul: Don’t union members believe in rule of law? Government shouldn’t tell people where to go.

The Phillies win!!!! Yay!

Pawlenty on cap and trade. Sorry! We studied it, turned out to be a bad idea.

Lightening round, don’t know if I can type that fast.

Why are they wrong in saying Obama is unbeatable.

Paul: Obama’s an economic illiterate.

Oh dear! I lost my internet connection. It’s back up now.

Ron Paul: I like liberty. How many people would use heroin if it was legal?

Gary Johnson: Likes to smoke pot! Let’s save money by not arresting drug users. Let’s tax pot!

Matthews to Cain: Why do you believe you can win? Cain: I’m proud that I haven’t held public office before. Look what all the politicians have done? How’s that working for you?

Cain: One right decision does not a great president make! (Hear Hear!) His administration has done nothing to bring down the price of oil. Broken promises, etc!

Pawlenty: Gas goes up, unemployment levels are crushing, the polls are wrong. He doesn’t keep promises.

Santorum: I can beat democrat incumbents!

Johnson: We’re on the verge of collapse. Republicans passed Rx benefit, but they’re the only ones who can save us.

Oh thank God, a break! Refresh for updates.

Oh great, another lightening round.

Cain on his prior support for Romney: He knows how to create jobs. He didn’t win. Now it’s my turn.

Pawlenty on Huckabee: Oh, I love that guy. But… I got the momentum.

Paul on Tea Party and Palin: Well, she’s not here tonight.

Santorum on social conservatism and Gingrich: Be careful, we all make mistakes, but the truth is the truth. We all fall short.

Johnson on reality TV and Trump: I’m stumped! Reality TV would be to spread notion of physical activity and something else. Slams Palin.

Closing remarks:

Paul: Budget and deficit is philosophic problem. Tongue tied – bring home troops, restore sound money.

Cain: Exceptional nation – we need real economic growth, energy plan, sound economic policy. (Mr. LC – Love him!)

Pawlenty: America’s best days are not behind us. We can restore America’s promise, restore common sense.

Santorum: I’ve led on every conservative position, I have the arrows in my back to prove it. I’ve been out front on national security, Social Security and welfare reform. It’s having the courage to lead.

Johnson: I’m an entrepreneur. Everything is a cost-benefit analysis. Democrats like me. Use common sense.

Update: On Hannity what’s his name Frank Luntz is doing his thing, and the group came in not knowing who Herman Cain was. Now about half of them love him. Herman Cain wins!

Now the group is angry at the candidates who didn’t show up. One said he was for Romney and now is for Cain. Another was for Gringrich, now he’s for Cain. Cain wins!

Frank Luntz thinks they all made a mistake by not showing up.

Okay, Cain is my favorite. I give T-Paw credit for saying he was wrong on cap and trade. Santorum wasn’t bad. But Cain is still tops in my book.

Update: Still watching Fox News. Mr. LC and I noticing how much Jim DeMint resembles Ronald Reagan, physically and philosophically.

Update 2: The Sundries Shack linked (thanks!) and has links to video of the debate.

Update 3: Byron York was unimpressed with Pawlenty and Cain, he believes Santorum won the debate.