USDA Bureaucrats Want to Decide What Our Kids Eat


It wasn’t long ago that a big story came out about a school that banned kids from bringing lunch from home, resulting in hungry kids and wasted food. The lunches they serve are “healthy” and disgusting. You can give food to kids you want them to eat, but that doesn’t mean they’ll eat it. Now the bureaucrats at the US Department of Agriculture what all kids eat in school. They think they know better than parents how to raise our children.

The Washington Times reported:

If the federal government gets its way, critics are warning, school lunches will be more expensive and less appetizing and ultimately will leave school districts footing the bill for costly food going down the garbage disposal.

Under regulations proposed this year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture would have the final say on what students eat. Educators fear the guidelines, trumpeted by first lady Michelle Obama and others as a key to curbing childhood obesity, will take a huge bite out of school budgets while resulting in “healthier” meals that make youngsters turn up their noses.

“Under the proposed rule, school meals would become so restrictive they would be unpalatable to many students,” said Karen Castaneda, director of food service at Pennridge School District in Perkasie, Pa.

For example, Ms. Castaneda said, the proposed sodium restrictions for student lunches resemble diets previously reserved for those battling serious illnesses such as kidney disease. The rules also would require students to eat more fruits and vegetables, forcing schools to serve extra apples and broccoli even if experience shows that children can’t – or won’t – eat them.

Here in my area school districts are holding votes on budgets, most of them are going up and tax hikes will follow. How bad will it get when the federal government dictates what they serve in the cafeterias? The costs will go up, the food will go into the trash, and the kids will come home hungry. My kids actually like broccoli and green beans, but they don’t like the way restaurants prepare the veggies. I can’t imagine a school cafeteria doing better.

How much more intrusion into our lives by the government will it take before people finally say “Enough!”?