Talk to My Husband, All You Socialists – Update – Rant Continues


I’m sick to death of all of the socialist comments left here on this blog, and everything else I’m hearing, for that matter. This socialist president of ours has done more to destroy my middle class way of life than anyone in my lifetime. As if the local code enforcement officers aren’t bad enough, now Mr. LC has an employee threatening to go Galt.

You see, the employee’s wife is a high earner. Under the current tax code, said employee thinks it would be nice not to be doing work thirty feet in the air, when he could sit at home, or at the bar, and wind up in the same economic place he was before. Sure, we could fire him, but he’s good!

So, what do we do? Do we give him another raise, only to have the federal and state government confiscate it? Mr. LC really needs another employee, and he may now need two of them. But we’re not 100% sure because he has clients who want top of the line everything, and they think they can get it for bargain basement prices.

I don’t know what else to say, other than the guy fixing your house is probably a human being with a family to support. But I guess he doesn’t matter because he’s just a married, straight white man with no bone to pick. He’s just the type of guy the current regime wants to destroy. Thanks, Obama.

Update: Just look at what they’re doing to our kids. It’s absolutely shameful.

Update 2: Since I started this somewhat incoherent rant I may as well add to it. I probably should have specified that the current employee actually said he’s thinking of “Going Galt.” Those were his words, he’s had it with the high taxes, and sees no relief from the current administration and the Democrats controlling the Senate.

Oh, and a former employee has been on unemployment for over a year. We just received a bill from the State of New York for hundreds of dollars, in addition to what we already pay for unemployment. The guy stopped showing up for work. So he was terminated. We tried to fight it, but of course he won and now is nowhere to be found. When work picked up Mr. LC tried calling him to hire him back and get him off unemployment with no luck. In hindsight, he never should have been hired in the first place. He hadn’t worked in years and was on welfare. Mr. LC felt bad for him and gave him a job. He even lent the guy $600, in addition to a Christmas bonus, to buy Christmas gifts for his family a few months before he quit. Needless to say, we’ll never see that money again.