Shame on You for Being Human!


Robert Knight has a piece in the Washington Times describing the experience of reading National Geographic. He said it leaves one feeling ashamed to be human. How sad, that the environmentalists have turned humanity into something to be ashamed of. Sadder still was reading about it on Mother’s Day, a day we celebrate family. If they had their way, we’d abort all of our babies and put an end to the human race.

Boy, am I getting it. After perusing the May issue, I’m once again ashamed to be human. People, people, people! We’re carbonizing the clouds! We’re wrecking the coral reefs! We’re reducing the polar bear’s habitat to the size of a McDonald’s parking lot! We’re scooping sand off beaches to build more McDonald’s parking lots!

Worst of all, we keep having … children!

In virtually every feature except the cover piece on rope-free climbers at Yosemite’s El Capitan, the May issue of National Histrionic is packed with evidence of human perfidy. …..

If you’re not paranoid at the thought of another baby being born with a mouth to feed, the magazine has a silhouette of a giant chicken to illustrate “the number of animals killed for food worldwide in 2009.” ….

The closing argument comes in a feature story, “The Coming Storm,” about the miserably poor nation of Bangladesh, whose 164 million people are jammed into an area the size of Louisiana athwart three rivers that constantly overflow. If hell is wet, it looks like Bangladesh. The message is that the whole world will look like this – even the depopulating countries of Russia and Western Europe – if we don’t stop procreating and causing global warming.

Hope lies in education, however. The caption for a two-page photo of beautiful children in a floating Bangladeshi schoolhouse concludes, “Studies show that educated girls (and boys as well) have fewer children as adults.”

Whose fault, you might ask, is Bangladesh’s chronic flooding and poverty, apart from those “spiritual myths that reinforce fertility?”

The answer is anyone who lives in a First World country….

Read it all if you can stand it. It would be hilarious if this tripe wasn’t also being taught in our schools.

What’s worse than making people feel guilty for being alive? Good grief.

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