Please Don’t Forget Troopathon


It’s been a rough day for me, I lost my mother. God bless her soul. I planned on taking a few days off from blogging. But we’re in the middle of the Troopathon. I was just so busy – I planned on doing another Troopathon post tomorrow. Well, tomorrow came and went and my mother found herself in a much better place. I just know she would want me to do a post to raise money for our troops serving overseas.

I had all these fancy things to tell you about it. I’m just too sad to say anything more than to ask you to please support our troops serving overseas. Whatever personal problems I’m going through tonight, they are going through worse. So please, support our troops.

Please click on the image below to make a donation to support our troops.

Here’s the rest of my team:

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While this is a competition, the only thing we get out of it is the satisfaction of knowing we helped to raise money for our troops who are in harm’s way.

Please give generously.