New Poll: 46% Say They’re Worse Off Today than a Year Ago


We keep hearing that President Obama’s going to be hard to beat in 2012. Unless the GOP runs a toad, I don’t see how anyone can possibly think that. The “recovery” is anything but, in fact, a new poll from The Hill finds that 46% of those surveyed say they are worse off than they were a year ago. Compare that to the 16% who report being more affluent than this time last year.

The negative responses to this question may be fed, at least in part, by the rising gas prices that have been seen across the country in recent weeks as well as continuing weakness in the housing market. Similarly, while job growth has returned, its pace has been more anemic than most Americans would like.

Voters don’t want to see taxes increased in response to the growing fiscal pressures facing the nation, the poll also indicated. Instead, they prefer significant cuts to government spending as a remedy.

Presented with a menu of choices to help curb the national debt and federal deficit, almost half of voters — 45 percent — support spending cuts alone, the poll indicates. By contrast, only 13 percent favor an even split between cutting spending and raising revenue through tax increases…

Translation: Republicans should not cave on spending cuts, and should hammer Obama on the economy and his failed economic policies. People know our problems don’t stem from being taxed to little.

H/T Fire Andrea Mitchell