Get Ready for the Environmental Indoctrination Awards for Our Schools


No wonder so many people home school their children. Next year on Earth Day, the Obama administration plans to award schools throughout the country with the title of “Green Ribbon Schools.” They may as well call it the “Environmental Indoctrination of Our Youth Award.”

CNS News reported:

Next year on Earth Day, the Obama administration plans to announce which U.S. schools have been selected as “Green Ribbon Schools,” a designation that will “honor” schools for “creating healthy and sustainable learning environments” and for “teaching environmental literacy.”

The Green Ribbon Schools program was announced in late April, but details on how schools will be picked or what the honor entails have not been released.

Jo Ann Webb, spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Education, told that the program is still under development.

But one thing we do know, climate change will be on the agenda. Of course.

“The Green Ribbon Schools program will recognize healthy learning spaces that promote environmental literacy and prepare our leaders of tomorrow to win a clean energy future.”

What is meant by “environmental literacy” varies, depending on the source, but in general, it includes a belief that human actions are contributing to climate change.

In announcing the Green Ribbon Schools program, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said that schools taking part in the program “will help kids connect what they’re learning in science class with the world around them, allowing them to envision solutions to tomorrow’s challenges while living healthier lives today.

“By making green living a part of everyday learning, Green Ribbon Schools will prepare our children to win the future by leading our global green energy economy,” Jackson said.

Oh yes, turn them into good little watermelon Marxists – green on the outside and red on the inside.

The Department of Education and the EPA aren’t the only agencies in on the indoctrination action.

Separately, the U.S. Energy Department — in its 2011 Strategic Plan — says it intends to “promote energy literacy” to achieve the Obama administration’s national energy goals.

Oh yes, nothing like getting the kids to help advance your political agenda. These people are sick.

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