Department of Education to Share Students’ Personal Information


Did you think the personal information your school has on your children is kept private? If so, you might want to think again. It’s shared with the federal Department of Education. Now due to a rule change, the Dept. of Ed. will be sharing that information with other agencies. They say the purpose is to “judge the effectiveness of government investments in education.” But we’re not supposed to worry, because they’ll be appointing a “Chief Privacy Officer.” For some reason, I don’t feel any better. According to The Daily Caller, neither do the folks at the group American Principles in Action.

“Under the proposed changes, students and parents would lose their right to prevent disclosure of personal information and, in most cases, would have no way of knowing that a disclosure has even been made,” APIA wrote in its official comment to the DoED in early May. “This result would obliterate parents’ right to protect their children by ensuring that disclosure of their PII [personally identifiable information] is restricted to limited, designated entities for limited, designated purposes. APIA also believes that the goals sought to be achieved by these amendments are not within the authority of the Department to accomplish, but rather lie within the purview of Congress.”

Emmett McGroarty, the executive director of APIA’s Innocence Project, told The Daily Caller he thinks “Congress should make those changes,” if they’re going to be made at all. He’s worried that the DoED’s lack of accountability to the people affected by sweeping decisions is problematic.

“This is a huge leap forward to a kind of managed economy,” McGroarty said. “When you actually step back and look at the 30,000-foot angle of things, what they’re doing is they want to track students from when they enter school through their career, not through [age] 12, not through [age] 16. They want to do it through their careers.”

Everything this administration does is just so creepy. If this rule change happened while Bush was president, the progressives would be howling. But since Obama’s in the White House I doubt we’ll hear a peep about this breech of our children’s privacy.