Democrat Leader Harry Reid Takes a Pass on the Budget


Anyone who believes the Democrats are interested in balancing the budget needs a mental exam. Other than President Obama’s bloated budget that was voted down unanimously, the Democrats have come up with nothing. Nada! Last time I checked, they still control the White House and Senate. But if they propose a budget, they know it will be picked apart by their political opponents, so Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided to take a pass. It’s just so much easier to launch childish attacks on the adults in the room than it is to act like an adult.

The Wall Street Journal took Reid to task, it’s doubtful any other media outlets will follow.

Majority Leader Harry Reid has tried to change the subject to raising taxes on oil companies, but that also yields a pittance and even three members of his own caucus refused to go along. Democrats have collided with the realities of arithmetic: If they want to raise $2 trillion in revenues, they have to raise taxes on the middle class. No wonder Mr. Conrad decided to bluff.

Both parties have dug the current fiscal hole, but the Democratic record during their four recent years of running Congress is truly calamitous. The nearby chart shows the growth of debt and spending since 2007 when Nancy Pelosi was elevated to House Speaker and Mr. Reid became Senate Majority Leader. On their watch the national debt more than doubled and annual spending rose by a little under $1 trillion. In a mere four years.

“It would be foolish for us to do a budget at this stage,” Mr. Reid told the Los Angeles Times last Thursday. And as if to prove the point about Senate fecklessness, he carved out time yesterday to force a meaningless floor vote on Mr. Ryan’s budget, which failed 40-57. Republicans then offered Mr. Obama’s budget, which lost 0-97. Voters might conclude that it’s foolish to keep electing Democratic Senators who won’t do their job.

Read the whole thing. Harry Reid is playing politics with our kids’ future. He ought to be ashamed.