Cheney Calls Probe of CIA agents an ‘Outrage’


Former Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on Fox News Sunday to talk about the killing of Osama bin Laden and the Obama administration’s ongoing pursuit of those who helped bring him to justice. What’s most outrageous is that the administration and the president are taking credit for a success made possible by the very people they want to prosecute.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday it’s an “outrage” the Obama administration continues to investigate CIA agents who interrogated terror suspects, claiming they did nothing wrong and expressing concern about the precedent it sets.

Cheney weighed in on the probe after several Republicans and other ex-officials have renewed their call for the Justice Department to drop the investigation — launched nearly two years ago by Attorney General Eric Holder — in light of the killing of Usama bin Laden.

Though it’s unclear what role so-called enhanced interrogation played in finding bin Laden, Cheney told “Fox News Sunday” the techniques probably “contributed” and suggested the circumstances make the Justice probe all the more unsettling.

“It’s unfortunate,” Cheney said. “These men deserve to be decorated. They don’t deserve to be prosecuted.”

Cheney noted there was a “complete investigation” during the Bush administration that concluded the agents had not violated the law. He said the decision by Holder to reopen that case and hand it over to a special prosecutor sets a “terrible precedent.”

“These are government employees. They did nothing wrong, as best as any of us knows,” Cheney told “Fox News Sunday.” “It is an outrage that we would go after the people who deserve the credit for keeping us safe for seven and a half years.”

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld also said Sunday that the Obama administration should set the CIA probe “aside” and move on, calling it a “most unfortunate thing.”

“These people were operating at the direction of the president. They were doing things that had been approved by the Department of Justice,” Rumsfeld said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “And it sends a chill throughout the government.”

Everything the government has been doing lately should send a chill through every American.

Oh, and remember when they prosecuted Navy SEALS for “abusing” terrorists? The case fell apart, they were just trying to make examples of them. Now they bask in the glory brought to them by the Navy SEALS.

Chris Wallace also interviewed National Security Adviser Tom Donilon and asked him why it was okay to shoot Osama bin Laden in the face when he was unarmed, but it’s wasn’t okay to waterboard Kaleid Sheik Mohammad. He didn’t have a very good answer, but stood by the assertion. He said we were at war with bin Laden, Wallace pressed him, pointing out that we’re also at war with KSM. Like a stubborn child confronted with the truth and logic, he still refused to budge.

Here’s video of the segment of the Cheney interview. The second video is Donilon.

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