Shutdown Averted – Updated


Post updated: See below for the latest.

We were watching baseball, and then the Masters tournament. We tuned in to the end of Greta’s show and she had live footage of Speaker Boehner saying he, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama have come up with an agreement. I could be wrong, but I do believe he said that the agreement will keep the government running for another week. Also of note is that Greta said that Democrats were calling lobbyists asking their permission to compromise. Seriously.

Now Carl Cameron is reporting that the rest of the fiscal year will be funded with $40 billion in cuts, and that a lot of the riders have been scrapped. Including Planned Parenthood and the EPA. But then he said that there are other bills keeping the government open for another week. I’m confused.

President Obama is going to come out in a moment or two. Gee I can’t wait.

Now Bret Baier is reporting that the deal will fund the government for four days, and that there will be separate votes in the Senate on defunding Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.

Oh, now Obummer is speaking about how small businesses will get loans and families will get something, while praising bipartisanship. He even said they made the largest spending cuts in history. Note: Those cuts wouldn’t have to be so large if he didn’t jack up the budget to unprecedented levels. I think I’m going to puke.

Oh God, now he’s talking about our children’s future. If he has his way they’ll be mired in debt. This deal cuts a measly $38 billion. Good grief.

(Sorry for the sloppy way this post is written, but it was written in real time as things were happening. Here’s the report Fox News put up. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.)

Oh, this deal is not exactly a done deal. It still has to be voted on. I’m distracted listening to Harry Reid rattle on, but here’s the Washington Post report with a little more detail.

The deal to fund the federal government for the next five months will include $39 billion in spending cuts and will drop language related to Planned Parenthood. Lawmakers still need to approve a short-term stopgap funding bill before midnight, when the federal government will run out of money and cease operations.

The stopgap bill will allow lawmakers time to craft the longer-term, complicated budget for the rest of 2011.

Jo Maney, a spokeswoman for the House Rules Committee, said it could take a day just to write such a bill in the first place. “There’s no way. It won’t be written,” Maney said.

Now Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is talking about the upcoming debate on the massive debt and getting our fiscal house in order.

Final thought: We need a 2012 candidate who can beat Obama. We need to get him out of office. And we need to strip the Democrats of control of the Senate. Harry Reid has got to go. If the unions and dingbats in Nevada want to vote him back into office, fine, but he can’t remain majority leader.

Now Karl Rove is talking about how Reid and Obama conceded more than the Republicans. I haven’t had time to study it.

Update 2: The Wall Street Journal has more details.

According to a lawmaker in the meeting, Rep. Mike Rogers (R., Ala..), the deal Mr. Boehner presented called for $39 billion in cuts during the remaining six months of the fiscal year. Republicans had won an agreement to bar the District of Columbia from using locally raised Medicaid funds for abortion. Another Republican demand, that Planned Parenthood of America be stripped of federal funding, would be subject to a separate Senate vote.

Talks earlier in the day had centered on plans to cut $38 billion or more from federal spending for the rest of the fiscal year—a major retreat for Democrats, who started negotiations demanding no spending cuts. Democrats said they were resisting Republican demands for changes to a family-planning program for low-income women.

Under the agreement, Congress was to pass a short-term measure to fund the government for several days, giving House and Senate leaders breathing room to settle on final details of the longer-term funding plan. Legislation currently funding the government was to expire at midnight, leaving federal agencies without authority to spend money on all but essential services.

Read the whole thing. The Journal says John Boehner is the big winner of the night, Karl Rove is saying the same thing.

Another Update: Nancy Pelosi was not involved in the negotiations, in case you were wondering. She was busy at a “non-partisan” event busy doing other things besides staying in Washington. Did I mention that she left Washington to speak at an event sponsored by George Soros?

Update: The Other McCain is not at all happy about this deal. Da TechGuy is looking at the bigger picture, quoting Rep. Alan West: “It takes 5 miles to turn an Aircraft Carrier around but it’s heading in the right direction.”

Update: Speaker Boehner details the deal. Carl Cameron says the Republicans got the better deal, quotes Pond Scum saying the cuts are extreme.