Serious Candidates Don’t Drop the F Bomb During Political Speeches


If Donald Trump was a serious presidential candidate would he really be out there dropping the F bomb in speeches? Here he is in Las Vegas saying he would tell the Chinese “Listen you mother f***ers we’re going to tax you 25 percent.” I’ve never before had to listen to a politician on You Tube using my earbuds because I didn’t want my kids listening to profanity. And come on, I’m no fan of the Chinese, but I hardly think starting a trade war with them is going to help the economy.

I’ve found Trump’s rants to be somewhat amusing, and I wish other Republicans would speak out as strongly against President Obama as Trump does. Obama’s an utter failure, and the rest of the field needs to articulate that unequivocally. But again, Trump is no conservative, and he’s not a serious candidate. Unless, that is, he wants Obama to enjoy a second term.

The Other McCain has more on how misguided Trump is on the issues. And the Left Coast Rebel agrees that Trump is not a serious candidate.

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Update: Scared Monkeys linked and has more thoughts on the matter. (Thanks!)