Senator Chuck Schumer Stands By His “Tea Party is Extreme” Remarks


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Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stands by his remarks that the Tea Party is extreme. On a Sunday morning show he was asked about the comments he made during a conference call, when he didn’t think the media was listening in.

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The New York senator, speaking on ABC’s “This Week,” reiterated his claim that the Tea Party is “standing in the way” of a compromise between Republicans and Democrats over a budget for the remainder of the fiscal year.

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“The American people are seeing the Tea Party for what it is — extreme,” Schumer said.

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He was then asked about an incident last week when, before a conference call with reporters was set to start, he was overhead telling others on the call that he uses the word “extreme” because “that’s what the caucus instructed me to do the other week.”

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Schumer said he has no regrets.

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“I have no problem with reporters hearing that,” Schumer said. “The Tea Party is the group standing in the way. … I believe they’re extreme.”

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It’s a shame nobody on the show thought to point out that the real extremists are the progressive politicians, unions and media personalities whose rhetoric is inciting violence and death threats from sea to shining sea. Ah, but that doesn’t fit the narrative.