Mark Levin exposes Donald Trump as a fake conservative


I wrote up a long and vast article yesterday about how liberal Donald Trump’s ideas are, but I felt like I was standing on the soapbox, so I never published it.

I’m glad I refrained because Right Scoop has audio of Mark Levin taking Donald Trump to task over his record and Levin does far better than I ever could. Levin exposes Trump’s contributions, his pro-socialized medicine stance and his Bush derangement syndrome.

Every conservative should listen to Mark Levin before supporting Donald Trump. I am a little discouraged that no conservative is standing up and pushing back on Trump’s China tariff policy. Yesterday, I heard Trump proposing a 25% tax on China on Rush Limbaugh’s show. I found that he also made the same comments on Laura Ingram’s program and neither radio host called him out on it.

Here is my opinion on the matter
, when confronting Jack Davis, “Tea Party” candidate for NY-26 special election. I wanted to point out that candidate Jack Davis espouses the same tax China policy and the same liberal campaign donations during the health care debate:

Jack Davis’ plan is actually worse than Paul Krugman’s, because Krugman was only gunning for China, Davis wants to impose tariff restrictions on all importing nations. It is akin to new import/export regulation. Could you imagine what the Obama administration would do with such power? Jack Davis would be a party to creating the Trade Czar.

I believe that businesses should be free to trade and make economic decisions without government intervention. If Jack Davis’ idea of tariffs is the economic boom, Smoot-Hawley would have ended the Depression instead of kick it into high gear.

This same tariff plan was proposed by the far-left Paul Krugman.

It is shocking to see how far RINOs like Donald Trump and Jack Davis can simply rise up, unchallenged in their liberal records. Charlie Cook is right, Donald Trump is a joke.

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