Mark Levin Calls Budget Deal a Scam


Mark Levin spoke to Neil Cavuto this morning about the federal budget battle and the deal that was struck last night. Levin started out by noting that the federal government never closes. He then slammed former Bush administration officials and Speaker John Boehner. He said he was told by a congressional staffer that the $38.5 billion they agreed on includes billions from previous continuing resolutions. He’d like to see an intrepid reporter look into this. He calls it an “historic scam” and calls them Ponziites, since they’re deducting from a budget that never existed. Levin wonders how they are going to fight over the debt ceiling and the 2012 budget. He also said the Republicans spin the bloggers, and they don’t bother calling him anymore. Cavuto is a bit more optimistic about changing the debate to a debate over cutting, rather than increasing spending.

I totally get where Levin is coming from. But I also understand that the Democrats are complete scum who will go out and lie and accuse Republicans of killing women, babies and old people. They’ve been doing it for weeks, and winning the war of words. If the Republicans lose in 2012 we’re toast. That’s it. Our kids will see tax increases of 80% to pay for this debt the Democrats are racking up. It’s inevitable and right now we have a radical progressive who is well versed in Alinsky tactics in the White House and another one controlling the Senate. And no, I’m not excusing the Republican spending sins of the past, but what the Democrats have done make that look like chump change.

Via The Blaze