Leftist Civility on Display at Oregon Tax Day Tea Party


I don’t know where to begin with this profanity laced video of leftists who showed up at an Oregon Tea Party to spread their vile hatred. Apparently, these goons can’t form a thought without the use of the “f” word. One guy says he wipes his a$$ with the American flag. Another says “God damn America.” They talk about doing things to people’s mothers. Obviously, this video comes with a strong content warning.

In this next video, the leftist thugs were taunting a black conservative, hurling racial slurs. According to Breitbart, just off camera was a Tea Party mom with two young black children.

I feel like a broken record here, but imagine if conservatives behaved in such a manner. It would be all over the news, day in and day out. Since it’s coming from the hateful left, the media continues to ignore it.

(The first video via The Blaze)

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