Keifer Sutherland the Socialist


Wow, who knew Keifer Sutherland, who played Jack Bauer on 24, is a socialist. Here’s video of him honoring his late grandfather, Tommy Douglas, and scolding Americans for our lack of nationalized health care. Douglas was the first leader of the socialist New Democratic Party in Canada and is credited with implementing the nation’s single payer health care system. Douglas was also at one time a big fan of eugenics, but kept that to himself when eugenics fell out of favor.

Now, don’t bother leaving comments telling me advocating for nationalized health care doesn’t make one a socialist, no matter who that person’s grandfather is. Sutherland admitted to Charlie Rose in 2007 that he leans towards socialist politics. Newsbusters picked up on it at the time, as the left was lambasting the show 24 as a creation of conservatives.

How’s that for a kick in the head? Confused? Well, you won’t be when you read Sutherland’s response to Rose’s question, “What are your politics?” (this is where all of the “neo-con” conspiracy theorists must pay particular attention if they dare):

To a large degree they`re private, but I believe – I believe inherently that – that we have a responsibility to take care of each other, so when you can talk about socialized healthcare, absolutely, that`s a no-brainer. Free universities, absolutely, that`s a no-brainer for me. So in the definition, I guess those are leaning towards socialist politics. To me it`s common sense. And I do believe the wealthy have a responsibility to the less fortunate. Some people call that communism. I disagree. Again, it`s common sense. But I would have to say that my politics would be leaning towards the left.

Leaning to the left? I’d say if you advocate socialized health care and free universities. This set up an interesting exchange between the two concerning the use of torture: …

Read the whole thing. I wonder how Sutherland feels about the death squad in Afghanistan that’s received almost no press attention because it might look bad for Dear Leader Obama.

Oh, and we’re crazy for believing that Hollywood is overrun by commies?

H/T Washington Examiner

Update: After thinking about this, I just want to know who the hell this guy thinks he is for lecturing us? Where did he find fame and stardom? In his little socialist paradise? No! In the United States. Here he earns his living off of capitalism and then espouses socialism! If socialism is so great he should have stayed in Canada and seen how things worked out for him.

These people are such douchebags. Pardon my French.