Democrats Tried to Obtain Private Health Info On Sen. Scott Brown and His Family


There’s no level Democrats won’t stoop to in order to win elections. It’s amazing. They lie, they spread fear, they mock, and they even try to obtain private information on their opponents and their families.  It’s disgusting. They’ve done it again. The Boston Herald reports that the DCCC requested information about Senator Scott Brown and his family from Brown’s insurance company.

Officials from the Group Insurance Commission, the state’s health insurance provider, notified Brown on Tuesday that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee asked them “to provide insurance information,” according to a copy of the GIC letter obtained by the Herald.

The GIC, a quasi-independent state agency, administers health insurance for state employees and their families. Brown’s wife, Gail Huff, and two daughters, Ayla and Arianna, were also on his state insurance plan when he was a Wrentham state senator.

A copy of the DSCC request provided to the Herald asks for “all direct correspondence” between Brown and the GIC under the Massachusetts public records law.

Because Senator Brown objected to this intrusion into his privacy, the DCCC spokesperson accused him of trying to score political points. What nerve!

Not that Brown needs to score political points, with an approval rating over 70%.

Via The PJ Tatler

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