Add the Cost of Dining Out to Your List of Things Going Up


Maybe I should have titled this post “If Money’s Tight Scratch Dining Out Off Your List of Things to Do.” The fact of the matter is, you can’t flood the market with scads of dollars and expect those dollars to be worth anything. So naturally, the cost of everything is going up, including food. It gets to the point where restaurants have no choice but to pass the increased cost along to consumers. And that’s exactly what they’re going to do. At least the ones that are still in business. Everywhere you look, we’re paying the price for central economic planning.

Well, the party is over. Experts say restaurant-goers can expect to see as much as an 8 percent increase in their checks.

And that may not be enough to keep the big chains alive, let alone the small independent eating places. Already suffering from flagging sales and low profit margins, record-high food prices – brought on by low supplies of corn, soybeans and wheat – could be the coup de gras for many restaurateurs. A number of chains, including the Texas parent company of Fuddruckers and Koo Koo Roo Chicken, filed bankruptcy last year; Sbarro Inc. is expected to file for bankruptcy protection as soon as this week. Meanwhile, El Pollo Loco Inc. and Perkins & Marie Callender’s Inc. have been struggling with debt problems.

Also, don’t forget the ethanol factor. Rather than using food for, er, food and feed, we’re putting it in our gas tanks, driving up the cost of fuel and food at the same time. It’s a double whammy bad deal by the progressive environmentalists.

Oh, well, what does it matter anyway? If the environmentalists, unions, anarchists and other progressives get their way, we’ll be living in the dark ages. Eating out won’t even be a consideration.

On the bright side, you can sign up for daily deals through Groupon for discounts on eateries and plenty of other establishments in your area. These days you have to save a buck wherever you can.

**Note, if you sign up for Groupon through the link above I will receive a small referral fee. But I do recommend it. We recently purchased lift tickets to a local ski mountain for half price. We also got a great deal for IHOP, so we’ll save a little money the next time we take the kids to breakfast. It’s free to sign up.

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