While the American Dream Slips Away for Many Americans, Michelle Obama Says American Dream Alive and Well in Chile


Thanks to the policies of President Obama and the Democrats, the American dream is slipping away for many Americans. Unemployment is stuck at record high levels. To make matters worse, those who are unemployed are less likely to find a job. The cost of living is skyrocketing even though the housing market continues its down slide. They’ve all but killed the domestic oil drilling industry, while boosting it in places like Brazil and the Middle East, leaving people like Thomas Clements out in the cold.

On top of all that, there’s a higher education bubble that leaves college graduates strapped for cash and drowning in debt. So of course Michelle Obama would give a speech saying the American Dream is alive and well… in Chile. She certainly can’t get away with saying that here. No wonder they have to travel overseas so often. Thanks to President Barack Obama and his allies America is in decline. But hey, at least the Obamas had the opportunity to live the American dream. Bully for them.

Speaking to a group of Chilean students in a low-income area near Santiago, the first lady said their stories should encourage the students to pursue their college degrees and dream big. “It wasn’t so long ago that my husband and I were young people just like you, dreaming the same dream and facing the same challenges,” she said.

Growing up “in a teeny little apartment” on the rugged South Side of Chicago, Obama said, “there was never any question in my parents’ mind that we would go to college.”

“And they always told us that even if we weren’t rich, we were just as smart and just as capable as anyone else,” she said. “They taught us that if we dreamed big enough and if we worked hard enough, anything was possible. In my country, we call that the ‘American dream’ and I think it’s also true right here in Chile.”

Image via Weasel Zippers, via memeorandum