Video: John Stossel on the Pigford Freeloaders


I watched John Stossel’s special “Freeloaders” on Fox News this afternoon. I missed the part about the Pigford freeloaders, but Breibart posted it. Stossel noted that the big story lost in the hype over Shirley Sherrod and Andrew Breitbart is the Pigford settlement which gives $50 thousand to any black farmer who may have been discriminated against by the government. Now people are coming out of the woodwork claiming their settlement. Even people with nothing but potted plants are claiming to be farmers and getting paid. We’ve already paid a billion dollars, and Congress just approved another billion for this settlement that’s rife with fraud. Listen as Al Pires, the lead attorney in the case, says he “hopes” people are telling the truth. Then listen to him stutter when Stossel asks him how much he’s getting paid. He goes on to call the government racist.

I love John Stossel’s specials, and this one did not disappoint. Other than my disappointment in the politicians of both parties that make it possible for so many to freeload off the taxpayers. And it’s not just welfare recipients. It’s big corporations, and rich people who own oceanfront property. I couldn’t find video of the entire show, but here’s the preview of the segment about government flood insurance.

Stossel has more on his blog. I was especially peeved when I heard progressive Bruce Springsteen gets a property tax break because of a bee farm.

Then there was the segment on American Indians. That’s must see TV, but I can’t find the video. You can read about it here. They’re basically wards of the government. They’ve been beneficiaries of taxpayer “generosity” for decade after decade yet they languish in poverty. So they want more. But they all don’t. One tribe isn’t on the government dole and they thrive. So of course, some are doing their best to make that tribe dependent on the federal government while stripping individuals of their property rights. All in the name of “helping people” I suppose.