Terrorism Response Training Focuses on White Anti-Immigrants


Beware white folks who favor legal immigration over illegal immigration – they just might be terrorists. That’s the message being sent by a terrorism response training exercise planned for Iowa this weekend.

Foes of illegal immigration are up in arms over plans for a weekend disaster exercise in western Iowa with a fictitious scenario in which white supremacists shoot dozens of people amid rising tensions involving racial minorities and illegal immigrants.

The exercise is planned for Saturday at Treynor High School in Pottawattamie County and will involve more than 300 people, confirmed Doug Reed, the lead exercise planner for the county’s emergency management agency. Some 30 to 40 “victims” will be transported to area hospitals. He said a terrorism scenario is required by federal officials for the exercise to be eligible for funding.

What next? Training for violence committed by pro-life Catholics?

Via Fox Nation