Senator “Maam” Accuses Republicans of Having a Vendetta Against Elmo



Senator “Don’t Call Me Ma’am” Barbara Boxer is really grasping at rhetorical straws here. She came out and accused Republicans of having a “vendetta against Elmo” for wanting to cut funding for public broadcasting. It’s another case of “What part of ‘we’re broke’ doesn’t she understand?”

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that House Republicans want to strip government funding of PBS because they have a “vendetta against Elmo.”

Boxer made the comments during a floor speech where she made the case for her bill that would ensure that the president and lawmakers are not paid if a government shutdown occurs.

Boxer said that the cost of four hours of the Iraq war would be enough to keep PBS funded — and the popular fire-red children’s character on the air.

She also said they have a vendetta against health care and clean energy. How does one have a vendetta against health care? That doesn’t make much sense.

Maybe PBS just needs new management. Seriously, can’t they sell a bunch of Elmo merchandise to stay afloat? Oh wait, they already do. But hey, if they really need money so badly, Doug Powers pointed out that just four of Boxer’s earmarks would be enough to keep PBS funded.

But if she wants to talk about vendettas, how about the vendetta of the administration against the oil industry? Or the vendetta of her party against the successful? Or the vendetta against our children who will have to pay for all of the debt she and her big spending buddies are racking up?

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