Say What!?! Florida Judge Rules A Case Should Proceed Under Sharia Law


Good grief. I hate to have to bring you this story. A Florida judge ruled that a Muslim v. Muslim case can proceed under Sharia Law. I’m being unbelievably serious here! This kind of crap is why I drink, which would get me beheaded under Sharia Law. Apparently, that doesn’t matter to Judge Richard A. Nielsen, an appointee of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. A pdf of Judge Nielsen’s bizarre ruling can be found here, as well as this assessment.

Note from the document that if the two parties cannot resolve the dispute among themselves then the case is:

to be presented to an Islamic judge for determination and that is or can be an A’lim.

This brings up the question –what Islamic judge? Have alternative Sharia courts already been established in the USA and under what authority? Also, an A’lim is an Islamic scholar which has authority to rule on Islamic law. Where is one of that stature in the US? Most recognized A’lims are in the Middle East.

More commentary on this dangerous ruling can be found at The Jawa Report and Jihad Watch.

Where the hell are the progressives to scream about the separation of church and state? If anything screams for that, it’s this case!

So much for not blogging tonight. It’s just one thing after another these days. Lord, help us.