Obama’s Energy Plan


President Obama unveiled yet another version of his so-called energy plan today. The problem is it’s not so much an energy plan as it is a plan to boost sales of the unpopular and overpriced Chevy Volt; to pay off political donors with sweetheart loans and subsidies; and to drive up the price of energy. In delivering his message he also managed to lie about and vilify the oil industry while mocking millions of Americans.

You can read the full transcript of his remarks here. A few highlights:

But here’s the thing – we’ve been down this road before. Remember, it was just three years ago that gas prices topped $4 a gallon. Working folks haven’t forgotten that. It hit a lot of people pretty hard. But it was also the height of political season, so you had a lot of slogans and gimmicks and outraged politicians waving three-point-plans for two-dollar gas – when none of it would really do anything to solve the problem. Imagine that in Washington.

So, he’s mocking the millions of Americans who have called for increased domestic oil and natural gas production.If I recall correctly, the slogans and gimmicks worked. President Bush lifted a moratorium on drilling and the cost of oil and gas went down. It’s the policies of the current administration that are driving up the cost of everything – especially energy. Between his EPA and their disastrous regulations, and the moratorium and later permitorium on drilling, look where we’re at.

Back to the speech.

So today, I’m setting a new goal: one that is reasonable, achievable, and necessary. When I was elected to this office, America imported 11 million barrels of oil a day. By a little more than a decade from now, we will have cut that by one-third.

Via Jennifer Rubin, Senator Mitch McConnell pretty much blew this statement out of the water. Hypocrisy – they name is Obama!

“Over the past two years, the administration has undertaken what can only be described as a war on American energy. It’s cancelled dozens of drilling leases. It’s declared a moratorium on drilling off the Gulf Coast. It’s increased permit fees. It has prolonged public comment periods. In short, it’s done just about everything it can to keep our own energy sector from growing. As a result, thousands of U.S. workers have lost their jobs, as companies have been forced to look elsewhere for a better business climate.”

“Consider this: just three of the areas we could tap in Alaska are thought to hold enough oil to replace our crude imports from the Persian Gulf for nearly 65 years. So the problem isn’t that we need to look elsewhere for our energy. The problem is that Democrats don’t want us to use the energy we have. It’s enough to make you wonder whether anybody in the White House has driven by a gas station lately.”

But the facts didn’t stop the President from lying. Here are a few whoppers.

To keep reducing that reliance on imports, my Administration is encouraging offshore oil exploration and production – as long as it’s safe and responsible.

Who does he think he’s kidding? A federal judge actually found his administration to be in contempt over their anti-drilling policies.

The lies continue:

Today, we’re working to expedite new drilling permits for companies that meet these standards. Since they were put in place, we’ve approved 39 new shallow water permits; and we’ve approved an additional 7 deepwater permits in recent weeks. When it comes to drilling onshore, my Administration approved more than two permits last year for every new well that the industry started to drill.

What  a bunch of bunk! They’ve done everything they can to delay, delay, delay. He even twisted things to pin the blame on the oil companies.

In fact, we are pushing the oil industry to take advantage of the opportunities they already have. Right now, the industry holds tens of millions of acres of leases where it’s not producing a drop – sitting on supplies of American energy just waiting to be tapped.

Not so fast! Oil companies lease vast areas of land, not all of that land is rich in resources:

“The majority of these leases are always turned back because we can’t find resource in commercial quantities,” said Jack Gerard, the president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute. “To suggest that we’re sitting on our hands is a pure distraction.”

He went on to tout all of the “investments” he has planned to help the green energy “entrepreneurs.” He didn’t mention how many of his big donors and fundraisers got green loans and other goodies from the federal government. Um, last time I checked, that’s not entrepreneurship, it’s corruption. He also touted electric cars. You know, like the Chevy Volt, a $41,000 lemon that’s so unpopular the Democrats want to turn a traditional taxpayer funded rebate into an instant taxpayer funded rebate just to get the things off the lots.

This isn’t an energy policy. It’s a pack of lies, political posturing, payoffs for allies and disdain for everyday Americans. In short, it’s just more of the same.

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