Michael Medved Does Not Speak for Me!


Let me clear – Michael Medved does not speak for me when he says that President Obama is to the right of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the current crop of progressive politicians.

President Obama not only conforms to the big government, tax-and-spend traditions that have characterized his party for nearly a century; he stands squarely in the center of the Democrats’ current coalition. Serious prospects of a challenge to the president’s renomination have recently evaporated. Yet it’s significant to recall that speculation about such an intraparty fight always centered on rivals to the president’s left (Howard Dean, Alan Grayson, Russell Feingold) and never to his right.

Not only has Hillary Clinton ruled herself out as a potential candidate in 2012, but it’s tough to see any administration initiatives, in either foreign or domestic policy, with which she seems uncomfortable.

Those who insist on characterizing the president as a fringe figure ought to confront an important challenge: Name one significant policy or appointment during his first term that would have been inconceivable for Mrs. Clinton—or for Messrs. Biden, Edwards, Dodd, Richardson or the other leading Democratic presidential alternatives.

The commonly recycled notion that President Obama has “surrounded himself with socialists”—giving key appointments to leftist activists and academics from outside the D.C. establishment—remains utterly unsupported by the evidence. Among the 15 cabinet officers, the majority (eight) had previously won election as Democrats (or Republicans) to the Senate, House or, in four cases, governorships (three of them from red states). The rest include three senior holdovers from the Clinton or Bush administrations, two department heads from New York and Chicago city government, a four-star general of the Army and a Nobel Prize winner in physics who previously headed the Energy Department’s top research lab.

I hate to trash my fellow “conservatives,” but is Mr. Medved unaware of the fact that President Obama ignored his cabinet for months? They were a front! Remember, the big commie Richard Trumka has had access to the White House all along. Is Mr. Medved telling us that Trumka is a centrist? What about Obama’s recess appointment of the radical Donald Berwick to head up Medicare? Is that centrist? If so, why did the Democrats in the Senate just give up on Berwick? I would go on, but really, why should I have to? I’ve spent months documenting the actions of the far left ideologue we call our president. Should I lose hours of sleep because a self described conservative is making Obama’s case for him?

As far as foreign policy goes, I responded to an email on this subject earlier:

Sure, he’s willing to cave on issues like Gitmo because he never really did give a damn about that. He just said what people wanted to hear. He finds foreign policy to be a distraction from his plans to transform America. Just look at how weak we look in the eyes of the rest of the world. You can say a lot of things about FDR, and I have, but I don’t ever recall thinking he made us look weak to the rest of the world. And with all of his faults, at least FDR understood how dangerous public employee unions were.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Medved has shown up on my radar, but it is the first time I’ve taken the time to comment. I’m starting to wonder if he’s a Jeb Bush advisor.