I’ve Developed a Profound Respect for the Japanese People


I’ve developed a profound respect for the people of Japan after watching the news coverage of the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami. All I’ve heard is how extremely calm the people have been in the face of the worst catastrophe since WWII.

There’s been no looting. While there are reports of some food hoarding, they patiently wait in long lines for basic necessities like water and food. It’s been reported that some would wait in line for hours, only to relinquish their rewards to elderly citizens at the back of the line.

They’ve remained amazingly stoic and peaceful, even as the news continues to get worse. There are reports of more fires at the nuclear reactors, but nobody knows exactly what  caused the fires because they can’t get workers close enough to find out. They’re receiving mixed messages from the government and the power company. They have every reason to fear for their lives, many have lost their homes and loved ones, yet nobody’s freaking out.

Let the Japanese people be an example for the rest of us.

In related news, the design of the GE reactors has been in question for years. Three scientists even quit over it back in the 1970’s when the nuclear plants were built. Unfortunately, many of the US plants are of the same design. On a positive note, they have been upgraded. So far President Obama has refused to follow in Angela Merkel’s footsteps and shut down nuclear facilities. I don’t know if it’s because he realizes taking 20% of our electricity production offline would be disastrous, or if he just wants to protect GE. I’ll leave it at that, since it’s one of the few things he’s gotten right, and I’d hate to jinx it.

Update: That Mr G Guy linked and has more on the subject of the lack of looting. It gets better, there’s also no price-gouging. In fact, it appears the opposite is occurring.