If Being in a Union is a Right, What About the Right to Not Be in a Union?


Bob Beckel is on Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel right now, and he just said that nobody has the “right to ask anybody whether they want to be a member of a union or not. It is a right, it is not a privilege.” So, if being in a union is a right, why don’t people who don’t live in the “right to work” states have the right to opt out?

We never hear liberals answer that question. Sure, we have the right not to work for union employers. But what if we want to work out our own deals with those employers? What if we don’t want to pay dues? Why don’t we have the right to say no to the unions? What if we’re against being part of some great collective?

These are the same people who advocate taking away workers’ rights to the secret ballot. Just saying.