Help Senate Democrats Come Up With A New Slogan!


Politico reports that Senate Democrats are looking for a snappy new campaign slogan for the 2012 election. They want it to be short and sweet, so it can fit on a bumper sticker. That makes sense, since they prefer snappy slogans to keep people from thinking about what their policies actually do to people.

The DSCC wants help coming up with a new slogan for bumper stickers and other paraphernalia that it gives out this cycle. And they’ll definitely need a catchy slogan. Senate Democrats have to defend 23 seats this cycle, versus only 10 for Republicans. Five Senate Democrats – Kent Conrad, Daniel Akaka, Jim Webb, Jeff Bingaman and Joe Lieberman, technically an independent who caucuses with Democrats – have already announced their retirements this year, leaving some tough open-seat battles for the DSCC.

So the DSCC Chairman Patty Murray (Wash.) is looking for a pithy catchphrase to rally the troops, according to an e-mail that went out on Monday. Here are some of the DSCC’s choices so far, although the committee is asking for your suggestions…

“Will the last Senate Democrat in office please turn out the lights?”

The new slogan for pork: “Pork, Be Inspired” is already taken.

I’ve got one: “Bend Over!”

Moe Lane and Don Surber have a few suggestions of their own. (Via memeorandum)

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