Donald Trump: Making Asking for a Birth Certificate Fun Again!


Leave it to Donald Trump to make asking to see President Obama’s birth certificate fun again! I first saw the video this morning, then on the way to work it was the topic on the Kilmead and Friends radio show. According to Da TechGuy, it was also discussed on Morning Joe. DTG thinks it’s resonating because there are a number of reasons Americans are routinely asked to show their birth certificates. Don Surber has a different take, he believes that Trump is mocking the president, which will hurt Obama politically, even if Trump doesn’t run for the presidency. (Which he probably won’t.) Prof. Jacobson has yet another take on this – that Obama’s “birther” strategy is backfiring. I think it’s probably a mix of all three. Oh, and it’s fun! Especially watching the reaction of the ladies on The View!

Listen as the audience applauds when Trump says Obama should show his birth certificate.

While we’re asking for documents, how about his writings and grades from college?

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