Biden’s Spokeswoman Apologizes for Sticking Reporter in Closet – Updated


Vice President Joe Biden has apologized to the reporter his staff stuck in a closet during a fundraiser at the home of Alan Ginsburg. According to ABC News, Biden’s spokeswoman told Scott Powers in a letter “Scott – You have our sincere apologies for the lack of a better hold room today.” Powers is less than satisfied with the apology.

Continued Alexander in her email to Powers: “I am told, once the Vice President and Senator Nelson arrived, the situation was quickly rectified – and hopefully you weren’t waiting too long.”

Powers says the situation was never “rectified.” Any time he stuck his head out he’d been shooed back inside. He said he was held for more than an hour in the closet, was allowed out for 35 minutes of remarks by Biden and Nelson, after which it was back into the closet until the VP left.

Alexander’s note to him thus didn’t quite satisfy him, Powers said.  Especially compared with that of Ginsburg who called Powers Friday and apologized, saying Biden’s advance team made all the decisions about the event, Powers said. The wealthy Democratic fundraiser told the reporter he hadn’t even been aware that Powers was there, much less shoved into his closet.

What a horrible way to treat another human being. I think Biden should personally apologize.

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Update: According to Powers, he did accept the apology from the Vice President’s office. Oh, and this isn’t an isolated incident. So much for the most transparent administration evah!