$7.5 Million in Damage to Wisconsin Capitol, Live Ammo Found Outside


There’s some more news coming out of Wisconsin. Earlier it was reported that the Senate voted to charge the fourteen missing fleebaggers with contempt if they don’t return by 4:00 PM. Now comes the news that the demonstrators have trashed the Capitol building to the tune of $7.5 million. This at a time when the state is going broke. Officials also want to remove the demostrators from the Capitol after finding live ammunition outside the building.

Most of the damage to the building was caused by people taping signs to the marble.

Cari Anne Renlund, chief legal counsel for the state Department of Administration, said in Dane County court that estimates of damage to marble includes $6 million to repair damaged marble inside the Capitol, $1 million for damage outside and $500,000 for costs to supervise the damage.

Much of the damage apparently has come from tape used to put up signs and placards at the Capitol.

State officials are asking to remove all unauthorized people from the Capitol and the grounds to conduct a security check after forty one rounds of live ammunition were discovered outside the building.

The request came after University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Chief Sue Riseling said in a Dane County courtroom on Thursday that police this morning found 41rounds of .22-caliber ammunition outside of the State Capitol.

Riseling said 11 rounds were found outside the State St. entrance, 29 rounds near the King St. entrance and one round near the Hamilton St. area.

She testified that, “I don’t like to see live ammunition when I see significant crowds,” she said before Dane County Circuit Judge John Albert. “The presence of that doesn’t thrill me.”

The disclosure came as organized labor continued its legal effort to force the state to provide more access to the Capitol.

Officials have tried politely asking people to leave without much success. Some are reported to have mental health problems.

The question remains: Will the police follow orders to remove the demonstrators?

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Update: There’s even more news out of Wisconsin. The Mayor of Madison tried to stall the vote on Governor Walker’s budget repair bill to give him time to negotiate sweet benefits for the city’s unionized employees.

Before protesters stormed the capitol, the mayor of the city of Madison tried to pull a fast one. The governor’s budget repair bill was on the fast track, and Madison Mayor Dave Ciesliewicz was racing against the clock to pass new union contracts first.

E-mails obtained by the FOX6 Investigators show that the mayor enlisted the help of State Senator Mark Miller. They both tried to convince the Secretary of State to hold up the bill by taking the maximum 10 days allowed by law before publishing the bill.

They were trying to buy some time so they could ratify new contracts to protect workers from benefit cuts. Citizens for Responsible Government Rep. Chris Kliesmet says, “This suggests, and this is a harsh word, collusion. There is collusion between some politicians and public sector employee unions. Period.”

Read the whole thing. Corruption is just a way of life for Democrats and unions.

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Update: Left Coast Rebel linked and has more on the trashing of the Wisconsin Capitol.