Why is Obama Silent on the Mass Murders in Libya?


For a guy who loves the spotlight, President Obama sure has been quiet since the mass murders in Libya began. Maybe it has something to do with his spiritual adviser’s close ties to the dictator Gaddafi.

In 1984 Wright visited Libya, one of the poorest countries on Earth — with Louis Farrakhan, an acknowledged racist and hater — in order to schmooze with terrorist Muamar Gaddafi.

Jeremiah Wright was and is a kook. And he had something of an affair with Gaddafi. Whether or not that relationship has given the President pause in condemning Libya’s vicious attacks is anyone’s guess.

It’s just something to think about as we wait for an official White House response to a despot’s slaughter of his own citizens.

Or it could just be that foreign policy bores Obama.

While the President mulled his options, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released an underwhelming statement.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a statement Monday “strongly condemning the violence in Libya,” adding that “the government of Libya has a responsibility to respect the universal right of the people, including the right to free expression and assembly. Now is the time to stop this unacceptable bloodshed.”

Oh, that should do the trick. That smart power is really doing wonders for the world.

One thing you can count on, when President Obama finally decides to break his silence he will find a way to make it all about himself.