Things Fiscal Conservatives Don’t Say


I didn’t make it to Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle’s town hall meeting last night. But I got a chuckle reading about it this morning in the Post Standard. It was reported that a woman, who identified herself as a “fiscal conservative” said to the Congresswoman: [Emphasis mine]

… that she didn’t understand why Buerkle and her fellow Republicans were seeking to cut programs that she said hurt the poor and middle class.

I would like to see this burden shared with the wealthy,” she said to loud applause from about half the audience, including a group that had taped a banner to the wall proclaiming that 59 percent of the budget goes to military spending.

And Muir added, “I know you don’t believe in global warming, but what can we do to protect the planet for our children?”

I’m sorry, but fiscal conservatives don’t talk that way.

In related news, Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle reported that Buerkle received a standing ovation at the town hall meeting in Monroe County Monday night.

Update: If you follow the link to the PS, you’ll find a photo of an angry looking guy holding a sign that says “Health Care is a Right, Not a Privilege.” I’m sure he doesn’t consider himself to be a fiscal conservative.