Recall Process Underway for Seven Fleebaggers


Just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to political scumbaggery, a group of Democrats upset with election results and their newfound lack of power hightail it out of town to effectively shut down their state governments. It’s appalling. Which is why the news that the recall process for seven of them is now underway should send a tingle up your leg. Heh.

Every action has a consequence. Even if only one of these derelict “representatives” gets recalled it’s a huge victory.

The clock is now running for groups trying to collect enough signatures to trigger recall elections against seven Democratic senators, state officials said today.

Reid Magney, spokesman for the Government Accountability Board, said local groups have officially registered recall committees with his agency to try to recall Sen. Bob Wirch of Kenosha and Jim Holperin of Eagle River.

In addition, a Utah group, American Recall Coalition, has registered electronically to set up recall committees against Wirch and five other Senate Democrats – Lena Taylor of Milwaukee, Mark Miller of Monona, Julie Lassa of Stevens Point, Fred Risser of Madison and Dave Hansen of Green Bay.

Magney said his office is still waiting to receive paper registrations from American Recall Coalition but that the out-of-state group may begin collecting signatures for the recall elections in those districts.

“We thought we were going to have a quiet time after the election,” Magney said. “Apparently not.”

The only Democratic senator who is not currently the subject of a recall bid is Spencer Coggs of Milwaukee.

They need 16,000 signatures per senator to force a recall election. Based on the latest Rasmussen poll, I’d say they have a pretty good shot at it.

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