Obama Rewarded Fundraiser with Ambassadorship, Now Embassy Staff Needs Mental Help


President Obama rewarded one of his top fundraising bundlers with an ambassadorship in Luxembourg. She’s quitting, but it sounds like her resignation came just a little too late.

The State Department made no official statement that [Cynthia] Stroum was stepping down and department spokesman Mark Toner gave only a brief comment to the Associated Press. “We are grateful for her service to the United States and wish her all the best in her new endeavors,” he said.

Conditions at the embassy were so bad that a handful of staffers requested transfers to Iraq and Afghanistan, the report said, and other staff still working there were considering ways to move elsewhere. In some cases, the inspector general “knows for certain that these early departures are because of the ambassador’s management style.”

Stroum created “a climate of acute stress” that was “especially evident among of?cers [sic] and local staff who have been here more than 3 or 4 months,” inspectors found. In the report, they suggested that medical professionals be sent to the embassy “to evaluate morale and stress levels of staff” and assess the mental health of people who worked for Stroum.

Hey, if you find yourself in a government position that you really hate, just quit. It’s better than making everyone around you miserable. There’s probably someone else who actually wants the position. Or maybe it can simply be left unfilled. I’d say leaving government jobs unfilled would solve a lot of our problems, but hey, that’s just me.

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