National Day of Rage Fails to Turn Out Big Crowds, But Some Brutes Showed Up


Yesterday was the left’s national day of rage. The unions, Van Jones and sent out the call for protests nationwide. If you listen to the main stream media, it was a smashing success. The thing is, other than Wisconsin, where many protesters were bussed in, turnout was pretty low.

William Jacobson crunched the numbers, and found that less than 100,000 people turned out, and that’s including the 70,000 in  Madison.

While I don’t have a complete count, based on these numbers from some major cities and labor states, total protesters nationwide (excluding Madison) likely totaled under 100,000 combined.

Outside of Madison, there were no reports of sizable crowds.  And if you read the news reports, almost all the protesters were other union members.  Despite the efforts, the organizers failed to motivate significant numbers of non-union members to come out for protests.

The 50-state protest was a failure, plain and simple, although the images from Madison may create the false impression of massive nationwide protests.

Gateway Pundit pundit pointed out the idiocy of the exercise.

They were hoping that Americans would be just as outraged as they are that public employee union members might have to pay more for their pension and health care in Wisconsin.

Pretty much the only people willing to go out and protest are those who want to keep their sweet benefits. Not that the brutes weren’t out in full force – watch this video of one of them in Atlanta shoving an anti-union protester to the ground. How civil. (Note, the audio is kind of annoying, so I would suggest turning it down. You don’t need the sound to see what happened.)

Update: If the instance of brutality noted above isn’t enough, check out the story of how a tea partier was injured during an assault by a union protester.

Memeorandum has a thread on the 50 state protest fail.