I Really Don’t Know What I Was Thinking


I really don’t know what I was thinking when I accepted a position on the staff of a local elected official. I only lasted four weeks. Actually, I knew on day two that the job just wasn’t for me, but I thought I’d stick it out for two years. By day three, I thought I’d stick it out for six months. By the end of the second week I figured I’d cut my losses and I put in my notice at the beginning of the third week. I hated it so much, I quit without having a job lined up. It was that or poke my eye with scissors. Since I like being able to see, I chose quitting.

Now I’m done. Thank God! Not that I didn’t meet some nice people, I’m just not a public sector kind of gal. Lucky for me, when my old boss got wind of the fact that I quit, he called and offered me a position managing a new venture. Since it’s a new venture the job will start out as part time, which works for the family. Oh, and I don’t go back until the end of February, so I’ll enjoy a few weeks off. Since I still haven’t received my first paycheck, I’ll even have some income during my time off. (Is that what “deferred compensation” means for non-union workers?)

All’s well that ends well. Just a note of caution when you hear people talking about getting involved at the local level – avoid taking a job with a politician. It’s a bad idea. Trust me.