CBS News Joins the Choir Blaming Record Snow on Global Warming


I’m wearing so many layers of clothes in my attempt to keep warm I look like a Puffalump. So it’s especially annoying to hear these people tell us the record cold and snow blanketing the nation is due to global warming. I would love a little global warming right now. This time, it’s CBS News joining in.

Media Research Center reported: (Follow the link for a transcript.)

Speaking to physicist Michio Kaku on Wednesday’s CBS Early Show, co-host Chris Wragge fretted over the recent series of severe winter storms and wondered: “…nine storms in seven weeks, why is this happening?…a lot of people want to talk about global warming and thinking that that may actually come into play here. Is that accurate? Is that having an effect on what’s going on?”

Dr. Kaku agreed with the suggestion: “Yes. It seems to violate common sense, but as the Earth begins to heat up, that means more moist air in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico on average. Which creates more precipitation, and eventually more snow.” Wragge followed up: “Is this going to continue?” Kaku argued: “…on average, temperatures are going to rise. Remember, last year was the hottest year ever recorded in the history of science, next to 2005, since 1880. So the Earth is heating up. We can debate exactly what’s driving it. But, hey, get used to it. We’re going to have more energy sloshing around the Earth, more extremes, and swings.”

Here’s the video:

Via Gateway Pundit