Another Warning from a Russian Immigrant


I’m tired, but I feel the need to post every warning I find from Russian immigrants who managed to survive under the boot of the Soviets. This one comes from Svetlana Kunin, writing for Investors Business Daily:

A fellow immigrant of mine once said about coming to the USA: “I was not looking for paradise; I was trying to escape hell.” Unfortunately, so many beneficiaries of life in the USA have a distorted view of their country and very shallow understanding of the life outside.

I did not hear Warren Buffett asking for his taxes to be raised 30 years ago, and I did not hear Bill Gates asking for government regulations at the inception of Microsoft. So while Buffet, Gates, Soros and Hollywood are busy raising money for the re-election of Barack Obama so he can complete his dream of transforming the USA, I am glad that there are people who love the American founding principle of individual liberty.

I just hope American school curricula will be changed sooner rather than later.

I hope so to. Read the whole thing, learn from history and teach your children, grandchildren, friends and relatives.

Update: An interesting, and somewhat related, post can be found at Right Side News about education in America. It’s a real eye opener.