Andrew Breitbart: The Vulgarity Was Present for All to See


Da TechGuy interviewed Andrew Breitbart this morning and asked him about the protests in Madison, WI. You should read the whole thing, but here are a few highlights.

On the behavior of the union protesters:

OFA was on their best behavior this time, in the past we’ve seen things such as the egging in Searchlight, the assault on Ken Gladney and more, but this time they are now noticing us with the camera and like Wile E. Coyote they are heading back to the Acme factory to find a new way to do things.

The vulgarity was present for all to see but they tried to be their best for the cameras which were everywhere. At yesterday’s rally there was a sea of double soy-latte Caucasian rage against fox news, “tea baggers”, and “Koch suckers” (referring to the Koch brothers). So were the signs comparing Scott Walker to Hitler and Mubarak.

He also talked about the videos exposing the doctors passing out fake notes.

First I want to give a Hat tip to the MacIiver institute that did the initial videos, but my mind is no longer blowable. I don’t think they understand how disturbing their letters were. They really believe that If their hearts are in the proper place they can do what they want. Remember we are coming off Lyla Rose’s Planned Parenthood videos. When you start looking at ACRON and Planned Parenthood and the rest they are considered and painted as the crown jewels of the left, but every office except for 1 you had employees turning a blind eye to immorality.

Later, Breitbart commented on how he’s been accused of doctoring videos and conspiracies. He said he’ll gladly enter a conspiracy with anyone who wants to expose the left.

Speaking of conspiracies, that’s what the left would like you to think about the doctors passing out fake sick notes. Not that the doctors are conspiring to commit fraud, no, that somehow it’s okay since those exposing the doctors are conservative. Donald Douglas noted that Breitbart’s name has been turned into a verb. Heh! I doubt he minds.