Yes, There is a Political Climate of Hate


While millions of Americans are privately praying for Representative Gabrielle Giffords and the rest of the victims of a crazed gunman and their grieving families, those on the left have been repeatedly calling for an end to the politics of hate. Not the hate filled heart of a lunatic.

No, they want to shut up those with whom they disagree. So they classify anyone with a differing point a view a hate-monger. It’s appalling and I don’t even want to link to any of it because I’m so sick of it. That the media allows them to spew these unproven allegations is shameful.

But we can’t let it go unanswered. Thankfully, Michelle Malkin spent a lot of time compiling links, photos and quotes documenting the politics of hate. The truth is there for anyone who wants to know it.

With any luck, Carol Platt Liebau is right and the left-wing blame game isn’t going to work this time.

Now I’m going to bed, and I will continue to pray for those affected by this senseless crime.