So Now We’re Rolling Out the Red Carpet and Having Lavish State Dinners for Commies


For once Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was right. He called Chinese President  Hu Jintao a dictator. I’m sure he was just envious of the way the Chinese get things done.

But seriously, did we really need to literally roll out the red carpet for the guy? Would you roll out the red carpet for Citibank’s president? Do you welcome your creditor’s rise?

Maybe if Hu was a human rights advocate, it would be worth the bother. But Hu pooh-poohed his country’s own civil rights violations. And now we’re honoring him with a lavish state dinner, with the first lady donning commie red? Usually the Obama’s shun the color red. I guess red is just fine when it represents communism, as opposed to republicanism.

At least Speaker John Boehner, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell skipped the creepy event. Oh, but GE’s Jeffrey Immelt loves the Chinese. He knows good old-fashioned corporatism when he sees it. And why wouldn’t he love China? Our government forced GE’s last US light bulb plant to close, and now GE is manufacturing light bulbs in China with cheap labor. (No unions to deal with there.)

I’m just wondering, is China financing the state dinner we threw for their dictator?

Update: Control your gag reflex. Here’s video of the opening of the state dinner.

Via Breitbart