Rush: Drink Every Time Obama Says ‘Investment’ or ‘Civility’ During SOTU


Last year President Obama said “invest” or “investment” eighteen times during his State of the Union address. He said “job” thirty one times, “economy” eighteen times and “deficit” fourteen times. We were told things will be different during this State of the Union, as he turns his attention to jobs, the economy and investment. So, what’s different? A new call for civility?

But at least you can have fun watching it, that is, if you don’t have to get up too early in the morning. Rush Limbaugh suggests taking a drink every time he says “investment” or “civility” and you won’t care what else Obama says. Not that it matters anyway, since this is just a propaganda show.

If you want to do a drinking game for the State of the Union show tomorrow night I have two words and you will be plastered inside the first 20 minutes:  “Investments” and “civility.”  If you consume a shot of quality adult beverage every time you hear Obama talk about investments or civility, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll be unable to pay attention to that thing.

Just don’t drink every time he says “I,” “Me” or “My” unless you have an ambulance on speed dial.

If you don’t want to damage your liver, you can also try playing Obama State of the Union Bingo. That could be fun.
Update: Vodka Pundit got an early start on drunkblogging the State of the Union.

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If you want the full text of the speech, to read along or something, the Washington Post has that. It looks long.
Update: Da TechGuy weighs in after reading the text:

Either way the media will paint it as a centrist call for action and a triumph and the republican response as petty. Why even bother, the spin is preordained. I’ve seen this movie before.

If he wanted to make a good speech this would be it:

“As times are hard, all over America people are spending carefully to live within their means. From this point forward I pledge that government will do the same.”

The end

Now that sounds about right.