QuickBooks Online’s Clock is Mercilessly Mocking Me!


Oh, the joys of running a small business. I do the books for Mr. LC’s home remodeling company. I went from using QuickBooks on my computer to QuickBooks online so I can access QB from anywhere; or if we need help with the bookkeeping, using the online version will make it a lot easier. Except when it doesn’t!

I’m bound and determined to bring the books up to date, since it is the first of the year and we have to remain compliant with Uncle Sam and pay what they say we owe. Everything was going quite swimmingly. I did about 20 entries or so in about 20 minutes. That’s including looking up a missing check number.  But then, out of the blue, all of the progress I was making came to a screeching halt.

Maddening! I’ve been looking at that for the past half hour! At this rate, it’ll be February before I get the month of December entered, and then I’ll have to catch us up to February. I even logged out and logged back in and I’m still getting that same stinking clock – reminding me that I’ll never get these moments of my life back! And for what? So we can write a big check to the government in a few months. Grrr!

Okay, so I just finished writing this post and checked back and the same clock is still there, mocking me! If not for the frosty beverage I just retrieved from the refrigerator, I may do something I regret.

Update: If every American ran a small business, or had to write one big check to the government every year instead of the tax withholding from our paychecks we’re all so used to, there would be a tax revolt! Good grief!

Update 2: After logging off again, and switching browsers, I was finally able to complete the task at hand. But now I’m more outraged than ever. Do you know what it costs to remain compliant in the state of New York and these United States? Between workers’ comp expenses and payroll taxes on one employee we’re paying more than it would cost to provide health insurance for our entire family every month. And in New York workers’ compensation is more expensive than most states, even though benefits are much stingier. It’s the cost of doing business in a liberal world – mom has to keep working.

Throw in the costs of compliance – when we first started out we hired someone to get the books up to date. It cost $30.00 per hour. I spend about 6 hours a month doing the books – that’s $180 per month (not counting WC and payroll if I were on the books) plus what we pay our accountant – about $500 a year. All this money so we can remain in the good graces of the state and federal government. It’s outrageous!
Update 4: And who can forget about the 1099 reporting requirement in Obamacare?!?! I looked at all of the vendors Mr. LC uses and just wanted to pull my hair out? Next year will I have to do hundreds of 1099s on top of everything else? Or will we succomb and pay someone else to do it, thereby in increasing yet again the cost of doing business in the good old US of A?