Newsweek Cover Portays Gunman Wrapped in American Flag


Gee, what message is Newsweek trying to send with this cover?

Stacy McCain notes that Jonathan Alter’s 2000 word essay fails to include the word Zeigeist. I guess it doesn’t fit the narrative. Donald Douglas has even more to say:

I noted this previously with Jill Lepore’s scurrilous linkage of Jared Loughner to the “cult of the Constitution.” What Alter does is even worse, since in purporting to offer a grand analysis of political assassination in history, he reveals only a cookie-cutter template within which to place the Tucson rampage…

Read the whole thing. Is it any wonder Newsweek was sold for a dollar?

Update: The Camp of the Saints linked, and noted that this is typical leftist graffiti. Sad but true.