New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Fundraises to Fight Unions – Updated – Threatens to Shut Down State Gov’t


This is interesting, and somewhat promising. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is fundraising to fight the unions and other special interests dependent on state taxpayers.

The New York Daily News obtained a copy of an email sent by Cuomo’s campaign organization to supporters.

“We can only be successful if the Friends of Andrew Cuomo committee can push this agenda through. We need to raise money once again so we have the resources to fight this battle,” the martial-toned appeal reads.

“We cannot allow Governor Cuomo’s positions to be misrepresented by special interest campaigns. We must be in a position to defend ourselves… Television ads are expensive, and if we can’t communicate our case to the people, we will not win.”

Cuomo — who just finished up a coast-to-coast reprise of his State of the State message, will be up against unions who will surely resist many of his proposals, such as a one-year pay freeze for public workers.

As our State Capitol Bureau Chief, Ken Lovett, noted in a recent WNYC radio appearance, unions “are the groups who put millions of dollars in ads on the radio and television during every budget season, attacking proposals to cut them. Those are the groups that give millions and millions in dollars in donations and wind up, in lot of ways, controlling the lawmakers through threats of not endorsing them and backing other candidates.”

Meanwhile, the business-fueled Committee To Save New York has already launched its own pro-Cuomo-agenda ad campaign.

Follow the link for the full text of the email.

I’m sure you see the same thing in your state. Every time a governor talks about cutting spending the ads start rolling telling us people will die and our kids won’t get an education. It’s disgusting.

Update: Today Governor Cuomo threatened to shut down state government.

The New York Post reported:

Gov. Cuomo is threaten ing to shut down state government in early April if the Legislature refuses to pass a new budget that slashes spending by an unprecedented $10 billion, The Post has learned.

Insiders said Cuomo is determined to avoid the long budget delays that have plagued and crippled the state for nearly three decades as budget fights between governors and the Legislature went as late as mid-August.

The first-ever shutdown would bring nearly all services except prisons, health-care institutions and the State Police to a grinding halt and leave more than 100,000 state workers idle and without paychecks, insiders said.

I just saw a union worker interviewed on the local news pooh-poohing the threat. We’ll see.