Is it a Good Idea for Michele Bachmann to Deliver Tea Party Response to SOTU Address?


I really like Rep. Michele Bachmann, but I don’t think this is a good idea. Rep. Paul Ryan is scheduled to deliver the official Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union address. Now we find out that the Tea Party Express has invited Rep. Bachmann to deliver a Tea Party response, and Bachmann has accepted the invitation. Bachmann’s rebuttal will be streamed online after Ryan’s response.

We thought the speaking lineup for next Tuesday had been finalized, but there’s been a late addition. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) will deliver her own response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, to be webcast by the group Tea Party Express next Tuesday.

The group announced Bachmann’s upcoming remarks in an e-mail to supporters Friday afternoon…

It’s fitting that a tea party group would sponsor its own SOTU response: Obama is slated to focus on reining in the federal deficit, and that’s been a prime issue for the tea party movement since it was sparked by opposition to Obama’s stimulus and mortgage-rescue plan.

Allahpundit tried to make some sense of this odd (to say the least) news.

As such, having Bachmann deliver some sort of “shadow” conservative response to Obama will achieve one of two things. Either it’ll be redundant by duplicating most of the same points that Ryan makes or, if she says something incendiary that the media ends up slobbering over the next day, it’ll overshadow his speech entirely. Or, actually, I suppose there’s a third option — that this will be as much a response to Ryan as it is to Obama, emphasizing that his plan to cut $60 billion this year (and maybe his vote for TARP?) simply isn’t good enough. She’s handing the media a post-SOTU “GOP divided!” narrative on a silver platter by doing this, but it helps her presidential candidacy among the base, I suppose. And it exacts a little revenge on the caucus after she was passed over for the GOP’s House Conference Chair in favor of Jeb Hensarling. Remember who it was who decided to back Hensarling instead of her? GOP divided!

I still don’t like it. I’m with Maggie:

This is one night. Only one night. Let deficit-hawk Paul Ryan speak to it, and Bachmann respond the next day.

House Republicans have some serious work to do in the days and weeks ahead. The last thing we need right now is a house divided.

I liked the tea party better when it was a disorganized and truly grass roots coalition of everyday Americans demanding our representatives do the right thing. This gives me the feeling that some in the tea party movement are thinking of breaking off and forming a third party. If that happens expect progressive Democrat rule for decades to come.