Is Anarchy the Next ‘In’ Thing?


Instapundit linked to a piece by Richard Fernandez called “The Crusade of the Innocents.” It’s all about anarchists. You know, those useful idiots who can’t make a name for themselves, so they suck off the fruits of others while trying to make sure the gravy train never ends. They have no goals, other than the next score. Their hearts are filled with jealousy and rage. I have to say, I’m with Moe Lane, these people are not innocents. But it looks like anarchy is the next “in” thing.

I happen to be related to a few of them. They feel entitled to everything you and I have ever earned, and then some.  They’re jealous of those who didn’t make the mistakes they’ve made, and filled with rage because you’ve prospered. And you’re going to pay. They don’t care how they make you pay, as long as you pay. But they’ll hate you for it anyway, no matter how much you pay. And the politicians know how to use them to their advantage.

Well, here’s a note to the anarchists: We’re on to you now! Your tactics are getting old and stale. You reveal yourselves as the losers that you are. Thanks to the internet your tactics are known to a wide audience. The world knows how much you suck, and the wake of destruction you leave in your path. Maybe it’s time for you to focus your energies in a more productive direction. But then, you’ve never understood that concept.

There used to be a name for the anarchists: Useful Idiots.