‘Far Right’ Zeitgeist Hates Fox News


God bless Maggie, she sat through the entire bizarre, psychedelic, Zeitgeist film series. She deserves a medal. Since I don’t have a medal, links to her posts will have to do. So much for the claim that Zeitgeist is right wing.

The Cult of Zeitgeist and Jared Loughner – Part 1

The Cult of Zeitgeist and Jared Loughner – Part 2

The conclusion, Zeitgeist is definitely not right wing. Unless you consider hatred of Fox News to be right wing.

Note: If you haven’t been paying attention, Stacy McCain has been all over this story, including how Loughner is a big dope-head and how drug use is known to push schizophrenics over the edge.

I wish I had more time to cover all of this, but when Nancy Pelosi promised people could quit their jobs because health insurance would be free, apparently she wasn’t talking about little ole’ me.

Here’s video of Zeitgeist Part I – does this look or sound like right wing propaganda? I’ve been to CPAC and several tea parties, and psychedelic weirdness was never part of the program.

Update: The plot thickens. Zeitgeist is tied to Soros! Surprise, surprise. It’s also won a bunch of left wing film awards.